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Thank You

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This money will be used to support the aims and objectives of the HSA

  1. To provide support for all persons suffering from Hydrocephalus and Associated illnesses.
  2. To provide the same support for families, partners and other interested persons associated with sufferers of Hydrocephalus and associated illnesses.
  3. To share information related to or about Hydrocephalus and associated conditions and illnesses
  4. To provide forums, news or information networks to discuss various aspects, treatment or conditions of hydrocephalus and associated illnesses.
  5. To promote an "awareness of Hydrocephalus" where and when appropriate.
  6. To aid any research related to Hydrocephalus and associated conditions and illnesses where possible or practical.
  7. To do any or all such things as are conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above aims.


Thank you

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